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With the exception of the UD line, all 2014 model numbers and Feb 2014 street prices are now included in the first thread.
You could call or email Velodyne.
An HDMI certified High Speed cable will reportedly carry everything that is part of the HDMI 2.0 spec. There are many HDMI certified High Speed cables out there. Remember there are only two types of HDMI cables. This might be useful (our standard answer #1): There are only two types of HDMI cables. They are High Speed (also known as Category 2) cables and Standard Speed (also known as Category 1) cables. Each type has a few options. These two types of cables were...
I've modified the first append in this thread to include the model numbers for the UQ, SQ, EQ and LE650 lines. I don't have them yet for the UD line. Model numbers are a bit different this year in that the product lines are using the middle two letters to identify the line, unlike for many years when most models were in the form LC-xxLEnnn. On the LE650 line and one model of the SQ, I've included current street prices since there is at least one reputable dealer for...
Looks like the thread I was remember was from a year and a month ago. But, I found this quote: "No , the Darbee Dr guy says to give it best chance to work it goes closer to the source. Remember that short 18" cables however may be too close because of HDMI handshake issues. I wish you woudl have posted htis 2 dayus ago. I just paid $40 more 35 more on Amazon. Mine was free shipping. Did you have to pay for shipping?" ...in this...
Working backwards - the reason both screens start flashing is that in the eyes of HDMI both sinks (the projector and the TV) are getting the same signal. It sounds like to me either you are getting bit errors or the signal being sent out is incompatible or incorrect. I remember something about the Darbee causing HDMI problems about a month ago. May have been in a different section of AVS. Let me check...
I predict (but hope I am wrong) that in 5 years you will think the $150 per conduit run was cheap. (we paid $75 per run 4 years ago and I wish I had done a few more).
You are quite welcome. I'll be happy to help you further in the future.
'Almost always' does not mean 'always' and the OP could be the exception. We don't know. it's irresponsible to tell someone to purchase something without knowing if it would work (unless you say it might work, which you did not).
That makes no sense if you can install conduit instead. There would be no drywall repair with conduit and you wouldn't have to move furniture and protect carpet during the repair time. If someone has already closed-out walls then this would make sense.
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