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Ya know Scott I was just breezing through the regular subwoofer threads and came across a new company called Reaction Audio. I peeped their website and saw they had a dual fifteen offering and immediately thought of someone building something similar using the UM-15s. That would be subtastic.
Well if anyone could make due with the 15s, at least those became available today
Due In: 6/29/2014
Great news!! Hopefully Nick will incorporate a few small updates and bring forth a MkII! We can all dream right?
Right on Joe,This situation pretty much turned into "The boy who cried wolf". It just doesn't make good business sense.
LOL! You guys have more strength than I do! It sucks when you have the means to purchase, but can't due to unavailability. Bottom line, Parts Express should have just omitted it from the site until it was absolutely, positively ready to ship. Then announced it as a new product offering.
Now it's stating "Due In: 7/15/2014". Renaming: Dayton Audio UVM18-22 18" Ultivapormax DVC Subwoofer
Thanks Rory for keeping us in the loop, much appreciated
If 5 g-notes is reasonable, i'm in the wrong tax bracket
at this rate Nick will have the SI HT18's back in stock and ready to ship
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