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I've noticed that WLTX-DT is dropping out sound for a millisecond or so about every second. I noticed this on Monday night 8-11 and it is much worse tonight during CSI. Anyone else experiencing this? All my other channels are fine.
What gives with WIS-DT audio. It appears to be out of sync by about 3 seconds. TV this way is totally unwachable....
One thing I am happy to report is that the update fixes the sound drop-outs that occur when playing back video that has predominately black backgrounds, like end credits and transitions.
Thanks, Scruffy7
I have the HD DVR and have the update. The ONLY change is the "copy to VCR" option when selecting a previously recorded show. The composite/S-VHS/audio outputs are only active during the VCR copy. No usage meter or record first run options either. Maybe I got only part of the update?
Quote: Originally posted by randman Thanks for the tip about hitting volume up in order to get the sound in a silent 8000HD going again! Previously, I had to unplug my 800HD since powering it off and back on wouldn't make the sound come back on. I tried this trick, and it didn't work for me. Perhaps it is because adjusting the volume level does not affect the DD outputs, just the analog one? - Mike
Yesterday I had another incident of no sound coming out of the SA8000HD. I've got the analog and coax digial outputs hooked up to my receiver. No sound on either, unless I engaged the PIP, and then the analog carried the PIP sound. Just for grins I also connected the optical output to my receiver and POOF I had sound. I kept toggling my receiver to use the differnet outputs and the only one active was the optical out. After about a half-hour all of a sudden...
Quote: Originally posted by DianaTWCSC Although the SA8000 HD is not specifically in compliance of the Firewire mandate as of April 1, other versions of SA HD Converters are. As a result TWC as a company is in compliance with the FCC mandate. In all probability, the 8000 HD will not become compliant until the July 1, 2005 deadline. The firewire compliance is not related to the DVI output. There will be a software download sometime in the near future...
I've had my SA8000HD about two months now. I've noticed that in the last two weeks, after having the unit off all night when I first turn it on, I get no audio for about twenty minutes and then it will all of a sudden appear. It makes no different which tuner I use, or whether the channel is digital or analog. Playback of recorded material is also mute. If I have the PIP engaged, however, I get the audio from the PIP via the analog outputs. Is this a problem...
Dan, I've noticed that there are no digital Closed Captions during HD programming on WLTX-DT. I'm able to get CC's when you are broadcasting SD on your digital channel, and on all programs on your analog channel. Not complaining, just an observation. Otherwise, keep up the good work! - Mike
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