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My only concern is the brightness of the JVC RS-40's and RS-45's. Like I mentioned there will be times where some lights are on, not at full blast but if I have a Super Bowl party i'm not going to have the room completely dark.
Just built a media room in my basement and am now at the point where I have to make a decision on my projector. The room is 16' wide x 28' deep with just over 8' ceilings and will have a 120" screen. I anticipate using it for 50% movies and 50% sports/tv. The room is also 100% light controlled, but one of my main concerns is using it as an entertainment area where there will be some amount of lights on. And 3D is pretty much a non-factor, not overly concerned if it has...
went to pick up my GT50 last night and it was defective. As we were testing it in store the component input would not work. Could have been the adapter that came with the tv, but being it was the only GT50 in the store we couldn't try another. Needless to say I wasn't walking out of there with that tv, so they are getting me another one today.
ordered my 50" GT50 last night, picking it up on Friday. Will let you all know my initial thoughts.
Was expecting delivery yesterday of my 42HD6UY when I got a call from DHL saying the delivery truck was in an accident. They wouldn't give me any details of the severity of the accident, but aside from any physical damage that may be apparent is there any other damage (internal) that could happen to the tv? Should I still take delivery of it? What a reason to make my first post!!!! -Andrew
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