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My Audio Video receiver has two componant video inputs. I have one dedicated to my Comcast receiver and one dedicated to myDVD player. Now I have a PS3 without another input. I cannot utilize HDMI and I will not use S Video. Does the industry make some type of switch to allow for a two-into-one type componant hook up? thank you.
When purchasing a ps3, is it recommended to seek a certain mfg date to assure oneself of certain "bugs" being addressed?
I am nearing the purchase of a PS3. I will place it in our dedicated theater room. I want to place the PS3 console in the cabinet with all the the other electronics. These electronics are about 8 feet to the side and three feet behind the chairs. Will the PS3 wireless controls communicate well in this configuration? And I thank you.
dilema on HDMI output. I am in the Northwest and Comcast has proven without doubt that they have no idea on technical aspects of signal delivery and management. I wonder if contacting Motorola might be beneficial....Good luck
Thanks to this forum, I dedicated the once "zoom" button to "30second advance". Simplicity suggests that the "15 second rewind" now be programmed to the left of that button, instead of up high, where it is. Any advice on instructing me? Thank you very much.
....and they dont make much more noise than our kitchen exhaust fan. Consumers are far too sophisticated for this. Motorola has got to be in hot water over these things.
Thank you for your input.
You do, dont you?
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