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Wouldnt you have to calibrate for the different screen though?
Have you checked your Video Quality setting in your Netflix account on the website? (It's set to Medium by default to save bandwidth data usage costs) If you change it to high your video should start off poor quality but increase to one of the higher qualities with 20 seconds or so. (So dont judge it too soon)
No problem....... I also use the BDP-83 so I will have a look at my settings next time I have my system on! But of course the electricity goes in a different direction down here ;-)
Go into the Video menu of the 3400 and see what its set to in the "My TV Supports" settings..... change it to a lower resolution and see if it works then work your way up?BTW, the DXC 3400 Manual says "Motorola recommends using HDMI cables less than 20metres long"The Motorola manual is...
What device are you using to feed the projector when you are not wowed by the picture? The reason I ask is that many devices have a setting called 'Black Level' (Maybe called something else) in their menu. Sometimes it has settings of Normal and Enhanced or 0 and 7.5 etc.If you dont have that setting right it could give you a washed out picture with reduced contrast which calibration can't always overcome. If it has such a setting, try the other setting and do a quick...
Just get a good calibration disk and do the basic calibration yourself (I am assuming you havent done this?). Also make sure your 'black level' is set properly on your projector AND your source.I am pretty sure you will find its just your settings
Err except the examples you quoted exist as they are seen....... we dont have to wear artificial eyewear feeding different signals to each eye to create an illusion that the smiley is half an inch thick.
Yeah... its much more natural to watch an image on a two dimensional screen and have your eyes and brain manipulated and fooled into thinking some parts of the image have artificial depth.
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