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Yeah Ive dealt with him before.
I hated that they killed Richard that way. When you think of his life he deserved to end up with a wife and child. It would have been much more fulfilling if chalkys daughter had not have gotten in the way of that bullet and Richard had gotten a clean getaway.
I just can't buy into that old man taking that many bullets and living.
I use an ap called air keyboard with my iPad for remote control. I love it. http://airkeyboard2.skygears.com/
Tivo still supports a cable card and OTA on the 2 tuner premiere units. I have 3 of them going. Another plus is that when you upgrade to the next new model you can usually get $400 bucks for the old equipment if it has lifetime on it.
As soon as bill was able to order Warlow around the whole character seemed useless to me.
no, sookie would be dead already if that were the case. But the same thought crossed my mind a couple of times.
id like to see real mafia thugs come in and kill the 3-4 stooges and leave laughing.
If you ask me his performances are incredible. Not to mention his character is one bad a@@ MF with a gun in his hand. What he did in this last episode making it seem believable was outstanding work.
apparently I cant tell time anymore. They did run FN sunday.
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