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well in 2 min of listening i haven't noticed it doing it, hopefully thats what it was, check it more/longer another timethanks
here's a strange thing i just noticed occurring while playing built in pandora the picture on the tv goes black every 40-60 seconds for a couple of seconds then comes back, theres no other indications anywhere, it keeps playing just fine, but picture goes black
i guess the sochi games are going to be on wstm(wktv) anyone know if there will be sub channels used? i'll redo a digital channel scan the morning of the opening cermonies to make sure the latest scattering is in there just checked and 3-1 seems to be the only channel thats coming in without pixelation and dropouts of vid/audio, hopefully that keeps up thru the games unless i can find a good hd stream
help starts changing settings, thats not what i need, the remote physically stops transmitting commands for awhile, its not a problem with running an activity its after being in an activity this randomly pops up
i've been having an occasional random problem, the remote will stop sending signals, you push the buttons and the tiny thin blue bar at the top pulses as if sending, but nothing happens. if i force the remote to reboot or wait, it'll eventually start working again.
well you wouldn't setup 2 watch tvs, you'd setup one watch sat and one watch cable (both ostensibly 'watch tv' type activities though)once you've added all your devices to the manager it'll know that and probably suggest two different activities
had a neighbor who i was helping setup a new tv and other devices take in her old 8300hd because it wasn't working quite right, they gave her an 8300hdc and told her it was the newest box...
the speaker terminals on the back of the receiver are all labeled, it really isn't difficult...look into harmony remotes, bestbuy just had the 650 on sale for bf for 40 bucks
ugh i am really getting sick of trying to hit the rewind button and accidentally hitting the off button, shutting down my whole system (with an RPTV, so thats hard on the bulb, shutting it off then on extra times) anyway the firmware could have an option you can turn on to have it ask you to confirm shutting the system down rather than just doing it?
New Posts  All Forums: