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It sounds like the Samsung drive is dying on you. It will get progressively worse in the coming months, so I wuld suggest you exchange it as soon as possible.
You may have a bad memory stick. It is best to run a system check or memory verification. Do you, by any chance, overclock your processor or graphics card? Also, is your system running hot?
There were some recent reports on the wire that EA is comtemplating a change in their Live position. We may see some Live-enabled games from EA by the end of this year.
Add Midtown Madness to the mix. Although it is ony 2 player split-screen, it is a lot of fun.
How far away is your game console situated from your TV? If the component cables are less than a couple of feet, most cables (except for the el cheapo ones on Radio Shack) are sufficient. If you have to run the cables more than 10feet, it is best to invest in a good quality, high frequency-low loss cable and plugs. Personally, I don't like Monster Cables as I think they are overpriced for their promised performance. I am currently using 15' Belden cables between my...
SF bay area, CA - Panny L300U - Moto5100 HD receiver - XBox - HTPC Ping me if you are in the area Cheers Andrew
I have an XP1900+ running on a Shuttle MN31N nForce2 mb with 1GB memory o/c to 320MHz. I used the onboard graphics and 6 channel audio out and I did not experience any frame drop out on any of the 720p clips. Quote: Originally posted by mpolicani I would be surprised to see a 2000+ XP or a 2.2 GHz P4 processor with a 64 MB AGP 4x class card rendering 720p efficiently.. Please let me know what your system specs are if you are successfully running such...
My setup is pretty similar to yours. I have a panny L300u that is connected via VGA to my HTPC and component video throught a switcher to my XBOX, HD receiver and VCR. I am using the Audio Authority A/V switcher [http://www.digitalconnection.com/pro...video/1154.asp] to switch my component video and digital audio inputs. It works like a charm and only took 5 minutes to install.
I tested that speaker system at CES in January. They sounded pretty decent on the noisy show floor. They might be perfect in a small room or a dorm.
This is great news and it bodes well for the future of XBox in Japan. Where did you get that info from?
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