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You have to go into set up, get to where it says cable box, choose other, then hit ZONES when it shows you the codes, enable fine tuning and tweak away! ash =o)
Not all of these are created the same I guess.... mine works with code 0476 pretty well BUT if I set it to minimum digits to send "1" it works perfect 100% of the time... mine also has 2 analog audio outs and 2 digital outs. The analog stations output at 480p and the analog audio gets converted to digital... ash =o)
Let me add my $0.02... I had a refurb that suttered and even froze fairly badly for the first few days of use (even AFTER updating the software). Now, after about a month, it is pretty rock solid. The occasional deja-vu hiccup (generally during a commercial oddly enough) but no freezes and no loops. I cannot even guess why, but the more I have used it the better it has gotten... ash =o)
I have played with the Zenith HDTV recorder... 120GB and hold a whopping 9 hours.... also, needs to be restarted every other hour.... not worth getting at all... we are a couple years away and will need 300gb in the base units and 1tb in the high end units.... ash =o)
Uhh... this "poll" makes no sense... you can vote more than once, it has multiple conclusions, some that clash. So, if I have a new unit that commercial advance works on, it has a downward effect on the % of working refurbs.... just look at the numbers I guess cuz the % means nothing.... ash =o)
Quote: Originally posted by sfhub 13GB/hr for HDTV is too high. 5-7GB/hr for just the HD stream is a better estimate. The 120GB Zenith model holds 9 hours... ash =o)
FYI, a 40GB HD would hold a whopping 3 hours of HD. Even the biggest commercial HD right now, 300GB, will only hold a little over 20 hours. Not to mention the issue of delivering the massive bandwidth without stuttering. I have seen the Zenith HD PVR and it sucks. It chokes like crazy after about and hour and requires constant restarts. We are a good 2 - 3 years away from a HD PVR that is anything but a novelty... ash =o)
I have 2 HDTVs...component looks pretty good on the 4:3 set but not good at all on the 16:9" set...the stretch REALLY magnifies the artifacts. And as stated, non-digital sources are unwatchable.... ash =o)
Quote: Originally posted by asinshesq [RANT]Look, I've got a pretty good setup --- sdi-modded DVD player feeding sdi into an external scalar that then feeds a 503cmx 50" plasma monitor via DVI, HD cable feeding the monitor through component, all inputs ISF calibrated. I know something about PQ. And you don't know what you are talking about (sorry for the incivility but I suggested you search and you obvioously haven't).[/RANT] The replay component out is...
Quote: Originally posted by Slack Advanced AV Pack 20 bucks. Gets you S-Video + Optical (what I'm using) or Coax digital output. Or theres the High Definition Pack But it wont do progressive for movie playback. I'm unsure if XBMP supports the progressive outs. It most certainly does, in fact, it can even upconvert to 1080i!!!! ash =o)
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