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I could throw this on eBay but would just as soon give someone here a good deal. Only selling because I went with the local cable HD PVR and the latest firmware has made it a rock soilid machine so I am getting another. Unit is in good condition, never been a problem, upgraded to Maxtor 160gb w/8mb cache. Included is the replayTV unit, remote and original 40gb HD. It has LIFETIME ACTIVATION! I have great feedback on eBay under "ashVID" Not sure what these are going...
One might argue that your artifacting may be acentuated by an LCD TV.... In my market I get almost no artifacting, only on occasion. After comparing the HD feeds from cable and satellite, I found cable (in my market) to be much better. ash =o)
I live in a fairly small market (Tulsa, OK) and I get 10 HD channels with many more on the horizon. Ever seen a football game in HD? Way better than and DVD I have ever seen. ESPN is getting more and more events in HD and most all prime time programming is in HD now. There is almost never a time when there isnt something in HD worth watching. How big is your TV? The bigger the TV the more you will notice an improved picture. ash =o)
This day was bound to come... many of my Replay friends with Satellite have already defected to DirecTIVO and now I am moving to the local cable PVR. My friend has been beta testing one and it is quite impressive. Total integration is a dream for those of us with wives. I love my 5160 but it is a dated device. The new box from Motorola has 120gb HD, DUAL HD tuners and the ability to record and timeshift HD. Picture quality is stunning and it is easy to use. No...
Sweet Unit if it is stable
I will also chime in and say that the Xbox is the most powerful piece of hardware in the world for the money. I spent a total of $300 on mine (after mods and 200gb HD upgrade) and it is now a streaming media server, powerful gaming machine, pseudo-replayTV unit and classic gaming machine (over 5000 games from old systems) that can, oh by the way, run Linux. I was a DIE-HARD PS2 guy but now my PS2 and 500+ games is just collecting dust. ash =o)
I have a 65" HDTV and I can tell you that softer is better. Unless you are dealing with pristine, uncompressed images, sharpness only sharpens the grain. It is an odd thing, people used to seeing a pile of coal every day wont appreciate the beauty of a diamond... For me, I have a setting on my TV that I custom made for when I use the Replay, it boosts the color a bit, tweaks the shapness, contrast, etc. Pretty easy to A/B, I actually dumped some of the video from the AVIA...
DVD playback on my Xbox looks great... you have to use a hex editor to force it to output 480P but the 480P output is certainly better than most $100 DVD players... ash =o)
If you want the best bang for the buck get a rear projection HDTV. They are not much more than their non-HD counterparts. If you are in the market for a TV, easy to make the choice. Also, my HD cable only costs me $5 a month extra (for the box rental). If I watch ONE thing a month that easily pays for it. The argument that there is not enough content is fading fast... almost everything in prime time, multiple sporting events every week, every major award show, several...
I get 10 channels in HD in my area... Prolly 15 by years end... I have found there is NO advantage or improvement in quality by hooking up the replay to the 480P out. The HD source material I record in 480 looks pretty darn good when I zoom it on my TV... as good or better than DVD... HD is not that expensive anymore. I got a STB at BB for $89 my cable box is $5 extra per month. I got great deals on my 2 HDTVs... couldnt live without it! ash =o)
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