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My brother and I each have 609s and white MacBooks. Using the Mini-DVI to VGA adapter, we are hooking these computers up to the PC Input on the 609. This is then being output to our TVs via HDMI, but neither of us can get a picture on the TV. The manual doesn't say much on the topic except noting that HDMI input for PC needs to be set to -----. Has anybody gotten this setup to work? If it matters, I have a Sony KDS-60A3000 and he has a newer Samsung 55" LED.
Excuse me if this has been mentioned before, but I'm almost certain that the CW, at least here in Houston, is showing Seinfeld in HD with a 4x3 aspect ratio. Unfortunately, I don't have any means of capturing frames, but the episodes they've been showing over the last month have absolutely blown away the old 4x3 material, particularly the DVDs.
I went against the general consensus and picked this TV up the other day. My Zenith C32V37 CRT blew, and BB had to replace it with my service plan. I hooked up my Zenith DVB318 DVD player via DVD to HDMI cable and set it to upconvert to 720p. The picture is outstanding. Now, I need to get it configured. Could any fellow owners help me out with some settings. I'm not worried about having it calibrated, just looking for some basic direction to follow. Thanks.
Must be a lot of interest in the DVR because I can't get an appointment 'til next Thursday. Yeah, that's 11 days out. I'm confident that I can switch out the component cables myself, but that's beside the point. When I called this morning, they said I also had to pay a $100 deposit for the box. Is this normal? $29.50 install fee and $100 deposit have to be paid to the installer. For those of you that have already had the box installed, am I getting scammed?
FWIW, my C32V37 was also manufactured in February of 2004. It displays the dreaded 1080i white line. It has a very very slight whirring sound on 720p OTA. And finally, it is also plagued by the same arc/snapping that has been mentioned before. I have a four year warranty from Best Buy, but I'd love to have these issues resolved before 90 days have passed. Right now, I have about 60 left. Other than those minor issues, I really love this TV and would recommend it to anybody.
I'm aware that Terk doesn't have a great reputation in these forums, but I noticed an intriguing item in my local Best Buy. The antenna, labeled the HDTVi, looks like a Silver Sensor knock-off. However, it also adds VHF rabbit ears to the equation. Does anybody have any experience with this antenna?
I didn't really notice any on Friday night during either the NCAA game or the Lakers game on ESPNHD. Nevertheless, I'm glad I'm not the only one experiencing the problem.
On Thursday, I joined the ranks of the HDTV owners. I have Comcast HD here in Atlanta, but I'd like to enjoy the other local channels that they don't include. My Zenith has a built-in tuner, and I'm only about 10 miles from the towers. However, I live north of the city in Sandy Springs. My apartment is on the top floor of a three story building, but there is a building next door of the same size. Does anybody have a similar experience? If so, could I get away with an...
I'd love to use a Silver Sensor outside of my apartment. I'm north of Atlanta, but only about 10 miles from the towers, so I should be able to get great reception. I live on the top floor of my apartment building (three stories), but I have another building right next door. Does anybody have experience with this kind of setup?
I said I wasn't considering the C32V37, but I ended up puchasing one anyway. The C34W37 was nowhere to be found, and I got a little antsy. The picture is beautiful on Comcast HD here in Atlanta. I don't really like basketball, but I've watched every HD game over the last three days. I'm not going to look for the white bar yet. Besides, I got the 4 year service plan from Best Buy. Thanks for all the help in making this decision.
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