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The 'rule of thumb' is that you want your eyes around the bottom of the screen when seated. As for the best screen .. well that's open to debate -- but get whatever size you like/will fit your room (and bigger is better - I've never heard anyone say 'I wish I had gotten a smaller screen') and a matte white finish will work fine with the 1070 - no need for contrast-gimmick or gain enhancing screens.
Should work fine - I have a different/smaller/older model of ViewHD splitter and it passes 3D just fine - can even run TV while pj is on at same time. A powered splitter is the feature needed and that one has it.
^^^ nice cable management system ..
She looked pretty fine there ... must admit I had to rewind and pause to admire a bit.
IMHO you'd be nuts to spend that kinda money on any pj over the 1070... unless you just really wanna spend it.
Could be the Sainsonics - they're relatively cheap. I have TrueDepth Firestorm XL glasses and they're excellent. The 3D effect with them is just as good as in a theater with RealD glasses -- no veil of blur or messy action scenes here.
Bluerigger connectors are fairly slim - compared to some with the larger rectangle-ish connectors. Could indeed be a pj issue....
The early 1070s had a problem with some HDMI cable connectors being a bit too large to fully seat properly. Make sure the connector is seating properly and if not trim off some of the excess around the connector or get a cable with a slimmer connector. If that's not the issue -- don't know.....
Nah - I remembered the "initials" scene later when I trying to fall asleep in bed... it had just slipped my mind when I posted that... but I didn't remember what her TM name was... thanks.
Did they say what it was ?? If so it either slipped right by me or or I forgot....
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