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Bought from Amazon earlier this week and it arrived last night. This is my first projector so I've done a ton of reading, but I do have one probably dumb question....what is the optimal installation regarding the zoom...my gut tells me the zoom should only be used if I have to compensate for placement issues but somewhere I thought I read that zooming in increased contrast or something??? What's recommended? Any other tips for a virgin?
Anybody try there set yet with directv 3d content? I want to know how it looks and if the espn 3d channel works with this set?
I searched and searched but can't find the answer to this specific question. Can the older Pioneer 72TX handle LPCM? Really I want to know if it will get the DTS-HDMA or whatever it is called from my PS3? Sorry if I'm not using the correct lingo, and thanks for your reply.
Sounds great, thanks for the update! I'm really looking forward to getting mine. Regarding the Harmony database is that something that is in the works as well? Thx, Matt
Any update on PRO units shipping? Are you getting out more/less than the 20 a day you were hoping? Just trying to figure out how long until I might get mine!! Thx
So to summarize the last few posts: The UMC won't do anything "special" for 2 channel, but shouldn't be any worse than any other 5.1/7.1 receiver/pre used for 2 channel listening. ?
Yes and Yes from what has been reported.
Just saw that as of today the UMC-1 pre/pro is available for pre-order on the Emotiva site. Thought it would be nice to have a thread to discuss! I'm in for 2!! Specs to date (compiled from several "official" posts on their site): 4) HDMI inputs and 1) HDMI output 4) each composite and s-video inputs 3) component inputs and all will be scaled and set out over HDMI at whatever resolution you want up to 1080p 1) DVI and 1)VGA inputs which will be scaled and...
All the haters can now apologize while the thread is still open!!!
I think the best thing to do I'd to chill until we hear back from MLS. From his post earlier I'm expecting a very diff story than that of the op.
New Posts  All Forums: