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I'm still not convinced he meant "custom finish"...for some reason I think he just meant " not black". I could be wrong, I just get that feeling...
none of the finishes from the website are considered "special" order though, right?
what finish did u get?
Anyone know when the av123 forum will be back up?
I've got the same setup but have an x-sub as well. I think the x-sub is def worth the $ to round out the setup. I also use mine mainly with TV/x360 and have been nothing but impressed. I had a denon 1506 driving the system to start but recently switched over to the emotiva lmc-1. The x-series are pretty easy to drive. Many have liked the panny digital receivers, but most anything will work.
I asked that question in the emotiva forum just a couple weeks ago (regarding the lmc-2) and was told December is still realistic!!
Not sure where to start, but just off the top I wouldn't expect the $219 X-LS to be as good as a $360 pair of B&W's. That being said I think the X-LS sound good (to me) and are a great value. Sorry I can't provide anything factual as I haven't listened to both sets in the same enivronment.
I second the rocket nomination.
Wouldn't the 760's be a more fair comparison between the swans both in price/performance? I think the 850's will clearly blow the swans away. About a year or so back I had a chance to line up the rs1k's against the swan 6.1 and it was a slaughter....in my opinion of course....and the 15 or so others that were there.
When they charge you 10x the non monster branded price, they can afford it.
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