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That should only take a few months!! Just kidding...kind of.
I took original to mean "first owner" not "bought from the first company that sold it"! It wouldn't exactly be fair since the same "problems" exist regardless of where you purchased it.
Posted by Gonk over at av123 this morning: "OK, my deadline at work has been met, so here's an updated list. Back in March, I started this thread by compiling a list of issues that were either under discussion or in question among LMC-1 owners. Since then, there has been a great deal more discussion and at least two new firmware versions put into production by Emotiva (plus a third known to be in testing as of early July), but we still have a lot of questions. After...
Ryan- You will NOT be disappointed with what the LPA-1 can do, especially for that price!!! In reality most (if not all) of the emotiva products outside the LMC-1 get great reviews and appreciation for owners, the problem is that the LMC could have been so great (and still can be if they'd ever release the GDfirmware) and people had high expectations. It only takes one product as evidenced by this thread to generate enough negative opinions to change the general public...
This is a very strange response! Why would you possibly hold av123 responsible for your emo problems? Mark has come on here and offered help in a situation where he is not required to do so. Then you claim you won't to do business with his company because he won't tell you about the internal decision making process behind continuing a relationship with another company? Shame on you.
Anybody know when we'll see a DX10 low profile card? There doesn't really seem to be a good option out there right now for the low profile form factor. Newegg has one 7600GS (DX9) but the fan is so loud it ruins it. Any other ideas?
I've got the same setup as JosephF (in rosewood finish) and I love them. For me they were a great value. To me they not only sound great but I personally don't think you will find a better looking (as well as fit/finish) speaker for the money.
I've got both Rocket 1000's and an x-series setup so if you have any questions I'd be more than happy to answer them for you.
Both Axiom and Rocket have there own forums so most of the owners post there. I don't frequent the axiom boards but spend a lot of time over at av123 on the rocket board. Another reason you don't see a ton of posting here is that everytime the topic comes up it tends to start a big Internet vs. brick and mortar debate that usually gets out of hand.
The Costco in St. Louis (Mid Rivers) had several pallets yesterday.
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