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Yeah, I was surprised it was listed on audiogon vs posted over at av123. I would think the folks over there would be all over this as that's alot of speakers for the $$, and there's always someone looking!
There is an amazing 7.1 rocket set on audiogon right now. Includes a pair of Rocket 1000's, the RSC-200 (Bigfoot) center channel), RSS 300 surrounds, and RS150 2nd pair surrounds. Seller is asking 2,800 for all.
Ray- You have every right to your opinion, and if you think the swans are better with base vs all rockets accept the rs1k's than that is YOUR opinion and not an issue (although I can't believe you've compared the entire rocket lineup to the swans, but maybe you did). The problem starts when you start ACCUSING people of "working" for a company or suggesting that their OPINIONS are worth less than your own. No one would have jumped you for simply stating your opinion...
I wish the legacy inputs would all but disappear. Maybe 2 composite and 2 s-video. 4 component and 4 hdmi should be minimum.
I second the av123 x-series!
[quote=Brady84]I'm working on setting up my RS1K's this week and was wondering how much toe in/out you ended up with for your setup?QUOTE] I'm afraid I can't give you a good answer. I have a loveseat on one wall, a couch on the other, and the TV speakers are on a slanted wall pointed in between the two!! I'm embarassed to say this but I kind of have one speaker pointed at each seating location
I just received some of these and they were very nice quality: http://www.speakerrepair.com/Merchan...e=black_chrome
Less than 12 months ago = 0 rockets Now... Upstairs: Mitsubishi 1080p WD-65831 TV Denon 2910 Monster HTS 5100 Signature Series DirecTV HR20-700 DVR DirecTV HR10-250 DVR Harman Kardan AVR-635 Rocket RS1K signature Rosewood RSC-200 signature (awating delivery) Rosewood UFW-12 (awaiting delivery) Rosewood Downstairs: Vizio 1080p 47 inch LCD DirecTV HR20-700 Monster HTS1600 Nintendo Wii Xbox 360 w/ HD-DVD 4 Rocket X-LS rosewood Rocket X-CS...
I finally got my tv all setup and adjusted (mounted it on the wall without the speakers....looks sexy). My impressions: Xbox360 via component - Gorgeous Wii - Pretty darn good HD-DVD - awesome Standard DVD - OK Blacks are probably my biggest issue, but the games look so sharp, reminds me of PC. Also for reference, my main TV is the highly rated Mitsubishi DLP WD-65831. By no means would I say the Vizio can hold a candle to the Mits, but from a value perspective...
I just wanted to throw my .02 in after living with my speakers from av123 for several months. I know that the ID companies get a bad rap sometimes and those with the big bucks like to belittle the "value" of these ID speakers. For anyone on the fence, don't hesitate to try out the products av123 has to offer. I've got a pair of the RS1K sigs and they are an amazing speaker. Better yet, the x-series are imho the best value in the industry. The construction is solid,...
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