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I don't know, $500 is alot, but it might be worth it, I was hoping a firmware upgrade would be free
There is a bunch of info on it over at audioholics in their CES section along with info for upgrading the 4806 or 5805 for some $$$
Don't know if anybody saw this yet but audioholics is reporting that the firmware upgrade Denon has been promising will cost ya between 200-500 dollars. 200 for the ethernet upgrade and 500 for the ethernet upgrade plus upconversion plus 1080p support!! Cuz that's what you need to do is spend another 500 on a 3500 or 6000 piece of equipment when it is included in the price of the 2000K model!
I looked in the axiom forum but didn't see anything so I thought I'd ask here....The current axiom lineup - in general- has been around for a couple years now without any major revisions (outside of subs/on wall), anyone know if there is a revision upcoming, and if there is any chance that axiom will add a wood finish at some point instead of just the vinyl?
I cannot receive 30.1 on my HDTIVO at the moment either. I noticed the prob on Friday.
Grandarf- Don't take this the wrong way, but I don't understand how or why you are even posting in this thread if you have never heard an axiom speaker. How can you really have an opinion?
If you have any interest in Fosgate FAPT1+ you should check out woot.com today, simply amazing price.
Any chance this weekends ABC game Michigan vs. Iowa will be in HD?
So this receiver pretty much seems like the one? The only thing missing is iLink which from what I understand is truly only needed for SACD (a dying format?). Other than that it is the best bang for the buck and the only receiver in the moderate price range to have more than 2x1 hdmi? Please let me know what I am missing as this seems like the perfect receiver.
I have had my 52725 for almost a year now and within the last 6 weeks have started to notice something strange: From time to time it is as if the screen tears down the middle (actually just off center to the left) and the two halves of video are not in sync. This usually only lasts for a split second or two but it is becoming more frequent. That is the simplest way I can explain it. I searched this thread for words like rip and tear with no luck. I am wondering...
New Posts  All Forums: