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I have the 40EX501 that I just purchased. And I too am extremely pleased with the picture at the factory settings. Rich color, deep blacks, good uniformity. This replaced a Sony set I bought in December at Costco that had horrible flashlighting and a picture I could never get right no matter what adjustments I made. (Thank goodness for the Costco 90 day policy). When I first noticed the edge reflection, I too was concernced until I quickly realized that it was just a...
For those of you that purchased the KDL40EX701, can you please post the Costco item number? Thanks, Douglas
So can the Auto Dimming feature be turned off in this set?
No. Not back to the amp (Denon), through the Denon. He is trying to get sound to passthrough the Denon and come through the TV when the Denon is on Standby. So when the Denon is on, sound comes through his 5.1 speakers. When the Denon is on Standby, he wants the sound to just come from the TV. Does sound like an HDMI handshake problem. He already exchanged the receiver once and checked all the cables. He even tryed the setup with a different TV. Same result.
I am interested in the the Q50 and the NC50 base station. Does anyone know if the macros are executed onboard the NC50 basestation, or on the remote? Douglas
FilmMixer, you say: "Finally, when using HDMI control, the passthrough works when the 4310 is in standby, but the TV's speakers are turned off from HDMI control, so you have no sound without going back into the TV's menu and turning the speakers on again... " I have the 2809. When in standby, the unit passes through a signal to my TV so I can listen to the TV without turning on the receiver. The HDMI control does not require me to turn the TV speakers back on. Is...
DPWN, thanks. Whew! I was all set to order mine today from Abt, and stopped the purchase based on this. The HDMI Control feature is really nice, and would not want to buy a receiver today without it. Enjoy your receiver! I hope I enjoy mine. Douglas
DPWN: Are you saying that with the 4310 in standby, I would not be able to watch my TV and get sound from the TV speakers (with Cable box to receiver to TV via HDMI)? Did you engage the HDMI Control feature? My 2809, with the HDMI Control feature engaged, allows me to do this. I understand that the 3808 does this as well. If what you are saying is correct, it makes no sense for Denon to omit this feature from the 4310. Douglas
1. I believe that Denon refers to this as "HDMI Control." Look for that in the manual. Douglas
I am deciding between these 2 receivers as well. I actually have a Denon 2809ci that I bought a few months back from 6th Avenue and I love it. I need another one for my den. The Denon has an HDMI pass-through feature that lets me watch TV throught the TV speakers when the receiver is in standby mode. (MY cable box is connected to the TV through the HDMI receiver input.) Does anyone know if the SC-05 has this pass-through feature?
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