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Well I feel a little bit better about the HO being Plan B... I just won't feel too great about it if the SI 18s don't come back in stock and I actually have to fork out the extra $75-$100.
The extra 10mm of XMAX on the SI 18 won't allow it to be pushed further before distorting? Or is the XMAX of the HO being under-reported by Dayton?
Any more news on the Karma line coming back in stock, specifically the Karma 10? If not, could a parts-list (preferably a PE cart) and crossover schematic be posted? These really fit the price-point sweet spot for the theater I'm planning... I don't want to spend the extra $$ to step up to the Fusion 12 or give up sensitivity with the Fusion 8 or Volt 10. If I can't go the Karma 10 route, I'll probably cheap-out and do Jack of all Trades as a stop-gap.
I hope they do indeed get restocked... I was strongly considering pulling the trigger on two of the remaining 15" D4s, but a pair of 18" D4s is what I'd really prefer. Telling my wife I'd bought parts for a dedicated theater in a house we won't even be breaking ground on for another year was going to be the hardest part. If they don't get restocked, I guess I'll be back to plan B, a pair of Dayton RSS460HO-4 18s, though that will be notably more expensive for (I assume)...
What ever happened to the Karma kits? I noticed the DNA-205 is no longer available either... did availability dry up? I was considering the three Karma-10s as mains and possibly Karma-8s as surrounds. Now I guess I would go with Fusion-10 Pures for mains and one of the Volt kits for surrounds, but that does notably increase my costs. Any chance the Karmas will be coming back?
mlaw- What are the Rev. numbers of your MI424WRs? The Tivo Mini requires Moca 1.1 and will muck up a network if there is ANY MOCA 1.0 device connected. The Rev. E and higher of the MI424WR are MOCA 1.1, while Rev. A - D are only 1.0. Could this be part of your problem? I'm currently using a TiVo Premiere 4 in MOCA + Ethernet connected to my router to bridge over MOCA to a MI424WR Rev. E in my theater connected to a TiVo Premiere (2 Tuner), HTPC, Blu-Ray Player, and...
I've had identical front speakers (behind AT screen) for going on 6 months... I would actually consider the new speakers (Sonance THX-LCR) a downgrade from my prior set (Swans 2.1s and C3), but the exercise of identical matching and sharing a horizontal plane has actually notably improved my listening experience. Prior to the AT screen I had the Swans C3 under the screen on a 1' stand with about 10deg upward camber. In heavy action I would occasionally notice the...
I went back and forth on the D803W-3D, the BenQ MW519, and waiting/saving a bit more for the BenQ W1070. The selling points at the end of the day ended up being the added brightness (using in a mixed-use room where the kids watch with lights on), the DC3 vs. DC2 on other 720p 3D models, and my general satisfaction with 720p on a 100" screen at 14' viewing distance. While Vivitek is a fringe brand, I wouldn't consider them un-established at this point in time.
There is a small amount of washout in 3D, but you're going to see this in pretty much any sub-$1k projector. It is offset to a certain degree by the brightness ramp-up in 3D mode which it sounds like your previous projector did not do. The brightness/color/image settings are mostly not available in 3D mode, but you should likely be calibrating in 2D and letting the 3D mode compensation do its thing.
Count me in! Thanks! http://www.avsforum.com/lists/display/view/id/17264
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