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ok, just to make sure I am reading it correctly: My SA8300HD DVR doesn't work because the Comcast folks aren't all up and running on their side? It looks like I am a little further south of hdguru, but I am fortunate enough to have internet and cable working (though straight into an older television). Thanks everyone!
it's not a game when they won't allow customers to utilize better equipment as they get it. why should we be punished since we care? I have been limping along with our current sa8300hd since we got it... now that there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel, comcast puts it in reverse. great. i actually might try the same. go get a second DVR (new moto). then return my SA the next day.
all -- well, apparently you can no longer call the payment centers directly to verify availability of... anything. These are the two I am looking for: Bellaire Location Bagby Locations If anyone has these, would you mind posting here?
All -- high def loving parents especially -- please tell me there is a way to disable the front, oversized, on/off button. My 22-month old has gotten strong enough to bend back the plastic protector we have covering access to the button right now. Needless to say he likes to turn it off and on (yes, the sound was the first thing we turned off when we got it a year ago). (The plastic cover is the VCR Protector that Babies R Us carries , you simply turn the cover...
thanks klindy -- definitely more than I knew before... I will pick up a yellow pages and see if I can't find someone here in Houston,Texas (I might actually contact the guys in the link above and see what they have to say).
Metal Screen Door Material I have a cabinet that our 56" DLP rests on == it has two smaller cabinets in which my cable box, DVD, etc. would fit into nicely, but the cabinets doors have glass inserts. I have two small children that I am concerned might possibly break that glass so I was going to look into getting this material cut to the right size... I've actually never installed anything in the doors so they are reach-through right now. Where would the common...
No HD at all... good thing there isn't some really good football game coming on today... oh wait - there is! meyerland area
Can someone else confirm this to be the case? I need to know if my Cheaters will be as crystal clear as my MTV2....
just a quick one --- if your wife is into the oscars -- INHD2 is simulcasting E! 's countdown coverage in HD...
CCourtney -- those FISION guys keep commenting on how their stuff will be completely uncompressed from space to my tv.... I am assuming that would be the best thing, but what compression are we seeing with TWC (if any at all). Does that mean the stuff OTA would be better than the signal I get through time warner?
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