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Just like the title says. Ultra High Definition TVs (UHDTV) stole the show at CES this year.Can blu-ray handle UHDTV? Maybe if compressed and double sided? Any guesses on what's next?For the "let me google that for you folks"... I found this old thread here.
Just bought these 120V switches off of ebay. They aren't momentary but they are good for 6 amps @ 120V. Blender is 540 watts which leaves me plenty of breathing room.
My gf, who has one hell of a nice ass, loves her smoothies & kitchen.I am a light sleeper that likes sleep and loves a nice ass.The rest is history.
Next stop is the belt sander to make everything flat. I'll be treating the inside mdf edges with drywall spackle before applying an oil based primer and paint. That trick comes from this article at finewoodworking.com. Only a few issues to work out... ISSUE #1 (woodworking) ================= I'm a little nervous about the MDF and hinges. I was hoping to use butt / end hinges to maintain maximum door mass but I don't know how strong it will be. See pics below. MDF...
I've been traveling so the blender box has been on the back burner but it is finally starting to take shape. As you can see, there's not much clearance between the box and the cabinets. Maybe 1/2" or so. I accidentally bought 3/4" MDF instead of the intended 1/2" MDF. Not enough room in the kitchen to double layer it so I'm making a quick "prototype" box and we will see how well it does. I own plenty of green glue and a decibel meter so time will tell if there is a...
Although this is really tempting:http://www.3blenders.com/SOUNDENCLOSURE.htmlhttp://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/blendtec-hp3a-3-hp-blender-noise-level-orem-utah-c265050.htmlPretty impressive for just polycarbonate..... unless that's just marketing hype. Very tempting and I like the hatchback design.
Thanks for the ideas. I like the hatchback lid a lot.I'm doing it myself because the blender is literally a foot away from my head. The kitchen is on the other side of an uninsulated wall and it jolts me awake even when I'm wearing 33 NRR earplugs. Once awake I can't go back to sleep and I feel like crap the rest of the day. I currently sleep in the guest room and it still wakes me up but not as badly. Keep in mind this is while I'm sleeping with 33 NRR...
Situation is evolving. May make the front door out of glass. This place offers custom cut glass @ the size I need for less than $40 https://admglass.com/
Any ideas on how to do the hinges? At this point I'm thinking a recessed door with exterior hinges but you guys probably know best.
Yes. I will do two 1/2" layers with green glue.Any raw data on this? Damping ability?
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