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There were none I could find at ~8:26 am EST, certainly none on my price tracking list, though Tron is still available at my price tracking point. GM
Interesting! There were only [12] to choose form at the store nearest me and only [3] were $5. There were a bunch of $5.99 to choose from in a separate rack though, so picked up Reign of Fire, Con Air, Prince of Persia, Gone in 60 Seconds, Ironclad. The rest of the others I have I paid way too much for. GM
$5 or $4.88? Had the latter here and got The Peacemaker, The Firm, Collateral, Hustle & Flow.GM
This is hardly the first misleading/invalid Slickdeals, so don't even subscribe to them anymore. GM
Just tried it and got this response: Coupon could not be applied for skus in cart GM
Yeah, I've been jerked around quite a bit lately, losing out on the $4.99 'Looper' sale among others. Tried ordering several on sale for $5.99 last week only to have the whole order kicked back as unavailable, but then found them all today plus many more at other than my normal store! The only 'Catching Fire' BD I saw was the BD-DVD-HD @ $22.99, but Wal-Mart down the street has it for $18.96 and the 'Hunger Games/Catching Fire' combo for $24.96, with the latter 'going like...
Maybe the preamp is causing an already strong signal to overload the tuner? GM
Dunno, I watch it on Tues., Thurs., Fri. with no problems here across from PDK. Channel Master CM7000, CM7001 tuners coupled to a cheap DIY antenna array in the attic. Had some sharp, high amplitude 'shrieks' startle me while watching REIGN last night on c69 though. Since it's never happened before, I have to wonder if it's the new just [prematurely?] released CM7001. GM
No problems using the 'free' Magnavox converter with an ancient Toshiba 27" CRT.GM
Hmm, didn't see any others that I hadn't already gotten as cheap or cheaper. Got burned big time on several movies and collections from Amazon though, so overall didn't do quite as well as in previous years. GM
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