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Seems like you're set on Polk, you might be able to get more input if you post on the polk owners thread. Polk makes a lot of ultra cheap models and people who ask about them often haven't done their research about speakers so I think the polk question threads get ignored a lot. Polk owner's thread http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=618137
I heard you have a timber problem. "Grain pattern density determines strength. As you'd expect, a piece of lumber with a tight pattern is stronger than one with a loose grain pattern. And when building, a board's strength is maximized when other pieces run across the grain pattern - not parallel to it.'
Looks doable. I had 5.1 in a bedroom and it sounded great.. rears were cool for stuff like the tron legacy ships flying past.. but eventually I got tired of the wires and just kept a 3.1 setup. Don't really miss the rears
Nice videos and photo set.. you can definitely tell the A5's are top speakers for the money. Are those custom wood pedestals you have them standing on?
I'd recommend audio technica a900x
Oh it's not desynched. I just miss the first two seconds of audio then my receiver kicks in
Hey renethx, this might be more of a receiver question but I always wondered if there was a way to fix the audio delay when starting to play things.. it seems like there's always a 1-2 second delay when starting a new movie in xbmc or music in any program.. and when I pause the music and come back after a few minutes, there's a delay before my receiver starts playing the music again when I unpause. My friends also say their receivers do this.. I'm using hdmi to the...
I got my q900 fronts from them open box. Perfect shape.
I use a mac mini running both win 7 and os x connected to my 609 and when I pause, it stops sending audio after a few seconds. when I unpause, I have to wait about 3 seconds before the audio resumes.. I never figured out a way to change that.. maybe someone else knows? perhaps it could be an xbmc or windows power saving setting? or a setting in the intel video driver since I'm using hdmi
I was planning on getting the Olive One, but this thread is making me rethink that. Sounds like the devices are unreliable? "Olive recommends you turn off the device frequently to avoid problems" really disheartens me since the reason I'd be getting it is to have an always on music player/service. If I wanted something I had to turn on and off I'd just continue using my mac mini running windows 7 with jriver and jremote on my ipad to control it
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