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Too bad they didn't bother to inform TiVo about the change. None of my HD programs recorded on Tuesday and the ToDo List still had the to-be-recorded shows listed under the old channel numbers. I hope a manual re-scan will fix it.
It appears TiVo got the memo because all of their guide information has been updated on my HD3 DVR. Unfortunately, whoever was in charge of implementing the changes at Comcast must have been left out of the loop because none of them have actually been made. At least not in West Hartford.
Unfortunately, my Comcast cable-card equipped HD TiVo thinks this is the West Hartford lineup. The majority of those channels are correct, but a bunch of them are not.
CT Lottery drawings will be in HD starting on 12/19.
The CT Lottery drawings are still being done at the old studios. They don't move to the Courant until next Saturday (12/19). Even then, I'm not sure if they will be in HD.
The Fox 61 move takes place today. Next time you see a live broadcast on the station it will be coming from the Courant building.
As far as I know, the changeover at Fox 61 is taking place on Saturday 12/19, not 12/12. I believe master control has already moved to the Courant but the studios are still operating from the Stilts Building. They are bringing in lots of new equipment, including new HD cameras, but they are not replacing everything. Some of the equipment is being moved from the old location to the new. This has caused them to have to temporarily rely on some older or backup equipment...
John Ramsey does a great job with the Hartford radio history website. It's a fairly new site and it is already quite comprehensive. And it's pretty up to date. He already has the ownership and call letter change of Radio 104 back to WMRQ.
I stopped in to the Plainville office to see if I could get them to give me the CableCards to install myself, but no dice. They're sending a tech on Monday. The first card is free and the second one is $6.95 a month, but what I found odd is there is a different charge for the tech visit to install each card. It's something like 12 bucks for the first card and 6 bucks for the second.
I just got a new HD TiVo to replace my Series 2. Does anybody know if Comcast in the Hartford area allows self-install of the CableCards? Or will I have to schedule a service tech visit?
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