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Yeah, tried that. Didn't help. It still plays CDs, DVDs and SACDs just fine, but I get an "Unrecognizable Format"-type warning message regardless of the BD I try to load. This was meant to be an "upgrade" from the PS3 because I wanted SACD playback. My wife was against it because she likes the PS3 as a BD player, which only worsened the cringe factor when she couldn't watch her new Vampire Diaries BD.
My 780 stopped recognizing BDs the other day! Less than 30 days old. Back to Best Buy it goes...
Dang! Thanks, rdgrimes.
Hi,Does anyone know if the Oppo can play DSD discs created with Korg AudioGate software? It's a DSD encoder that can burn files directly onto recordable DVDs-- not a true SACD, but an "audio only" disc, as opposed to homebrew BD-Audio discs that still require some kind of video-- which potentially makes DSD discs the perfect way to back up hi-res audio files purchased from HDTracks. Only certain Sony players (including the PS3) are known to be compatible at this time, but...
I replaced a 3D-ready Samsung DLP with the 60PX950. I did sample some 3D with the Sammy and noticed a bit of crosstalk when my input was labeled HDMI-3 or TV, Blu-ray, etc. But when I relabelled the input as PC and then viewed 3D video, the crosstalk disappeared. I wonder if someone could try the same PC input workaround with the LG? I would do it but I don't have LG 3D glasses yet.
I noticed this bug, too, but it went away with the recent firmware update. Basically I noticed color temperature changing from warm to medium when switching inputs/resolutions/frame rates. That problem has been corrected.
Thanks, Goatse. Do you know where you read that? I'd like to learn more, for my own peace of mind.
Can someone please check color uniformity using white wash with THX setting? I'm seeing pinkish discolorations here and there. Since this is my first plasma, I don't know if this is normal and will go away over time, or if the TV has a defect.
Hi, everybody! I am now joining the club of PX950 owners. I bought a 60" set from Paul's TV yesterday and received it last night. I'm coming from a 67" Samsung DLP that I got tired of trying to perfect, and while the size drop is considerable, the gain in PQ more than makes up for it. I've always wanted a plasma but was always put off by their prices. But I found the MSRP and feature set of the PX950 too good to pass up, so I pounced on it. So far, I'm extremely pleased!
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