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Hopefully someone has seen this issue.... I have had 2 of the 55" versions since about December. On Sunday, after about 5-6 hours of being on, 1 of them just went to a blank screen...but you could see some ambient "back-lighting" so you knew it was "on", if that makes sense. At this point, I tried turning on and off, but it would just go back to this "back-lit" blank screen never doing the TCL splash screen that normally occurs during start-up. Also, it would not...
Can someone help me fully understand the functionality of dual HDMI outputs? Here is the plan. Man-cave with twin 55" LEDs. I will have 2 DTV boxes, blu-ray, and a game console. I want to be able to watch 2 games at once (through the 2 DTV boxes) and be able to switch which game has audio at the touch of a button, but leaving both games (video output) on seperate TVs. I've never owned a reciever that did HDMI switching, let alone one that had dual HDMI outputs. In...
Called into the exec number directly, took my info, created a ticket. No charge. Thank you!
This is a very important factor for me. I was looking to get this HTIB for the living room where I have in-wall speakers pre-wired, so I would only using the front and perhaps the sub that come with the system. But, I need to be able to use the wire that has already been fished through the walls. Is there no way to use my pre-existing wire? Could I cut the included wires, and splice in my wires, using the proprietary speaker plugs?
Can anyone point me to directions on how to do this? TIA
Love these cables. Installed yesterday. Picture looks great. Now i need about 30 feet of raceway, any suggestions?
I found the 35FT PREMIUM 5-RCA on monoprice.com's ebay store. Got a confirmation and tracking #, so we'll see if I get it. Says they have 495 in stock.
Thanks, I called Costco and they said that I should just go ahead and send it in to Panasonic for warranty repair. They said because I was grandfathered into the old return policy (bought this on 11/29/06), if I am not happy with the serviced PJ, or want to return for any other reason in the future, I may still do so at any Costco store for a refund. I love Costco's customer service!
Couple questions: I, as many here, have just started having the Iris shutdown problem. Currently at around 450 hours. Taking 3-4 times to restart. Just checked my receipt, and I purchased it on 11/29/2006 from Costco. I really like this projector, and I'm not ready to drop the cash for an upgrade to 1080p. So here's my questions: 1. Does this projector have a 1-year warranty? If so, I need to make this decision quick. 2. If I do call Panasonic and have them fix it...
Count me in. Started just shy over 500 hours. I'm at 536 today, and this is the 3rd time. Has started back up fine after cold boot each time. Bought mine at Costco, so I'm not sure whether I should go through Panasonic or just return to Costco. I understand Costco has changed their return policy, but I bought mine before the change. Anyone know if I'll be grandfathered in to the "old" policy? This sucks.
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