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How many on here would like to see Vz get the Voom HD channels??
Kewl... Did you hear any news about cw-27 and or A&E HD channels being added this year.
So its going live on Friday and not today, if I am reading this correct.
I would of thought Verizon would of check to see if the had a signal before putting in the program guide. I hope they get it soon, like before football season starts.
check this morning at 5:30am and WVEC-13 not activated. When will this get activated??
So i guess it will be activated around midnight.
As of 6:30 pm wasn't able to tune in WVEC 13
Verizon should be adding WVEC-13 HD to their FiOS TV on Wednesday. Also Verizon has an agreement with CW-27 to get their HD channel, which they are working on getting the fiber lines connected now. Hopefully we will get this channel by Fall.
I am hoping by Wednesday WVEC - Channel 13 to be added. Also it would be great to get CW-27 soon too. Anyone heard if a date has been rumored??
I am hoping Vz addes more HD channels soon. I would like them not to only look for Sd customers, but keep us HD customers happy. I am hoping the rumor I heard that WVEC HD is going to be added next Wednesday. I know Cox added A&E HD to their line up, hopefully Vz can get soon too. Is Vz going to go after Voom's old Channels?
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