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I'm curious as well on what HDMI runs are going to do for the OP. Every TV is probably going to be stuck watching one thing if you go with the HDMI splitter. To get unique programming through HDMI at a central location you are going to have to get some interesting equipment to make it happen. It is easier to throw an Xbox 360 extender or Roku (running Plex or MediaBrowser 3) at each TV connected with a single Ethernet connection.
I'd rather have "extender" type devices instead of HDMI connections to a switch. It is almost to the point where you can put a Roku on all secondary TVs and access practically everything you need.
I guess that is why you overlooked the iTach as well.
You've got two CAT5e drops in each room. Be happy and enjoy it. Technically you would want CAT6a or higher if you are trying to futureproof. What you have now is fine.
He has two CAT 5e runs to each spot. One wired as Ethernet and the other wired as phone. You would just have to disconnect the phone run from the jack.
He's trying to make a Win7 disc that already has the drivers. He sent both the .iso and Acer drivers to the DVD. Very clever.
Nothing should happen. You are just copying the downloaded files to a DVD doing that. You have to burn the .iso files as a "disc image". After you do that and view the disc you would see all the files and folders of a true windows installation disc. Send to DVD would just have you burn the .iso files and whatever you found on the Acer site. You can do send to DVD for the drivers, but there are many ways to deal with that.Maybe someone more knowledgeable than me could...
Isn't this on the internet? Taking your advice means ignoring this post.
Did this ever get resolved? We never learned what Linksys router you are using to help you pair it with a proper adapter card.
But if you remember from the other thread this was a cloning of a HDD to the SSD.
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