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  Thanks guys!
So only see the different with MPC-HC? but not other players like TMT or watching TV via Media Center? 
3770K non OC user here. I only use TMT watch BD/DVD and Ceton to watch Comcast TV via Win8 WMC HTPC.   Will I see any different with this tool using above rig? Small or significant different? Are we just talk about animation here or everything else?   Thanks for the feedbacks in advance.  
Quick question... Do I have to re-enter all the W7 MC and Ceton setting when I upgrade to W8 Pro?
Thanks for the advice.
I've been using my W7 Ultimate X64 HTPC with Ceton InfiniTV watching/recording Cable TV for years. It is once rock solid HTPC to me.   I do not have any tablet except iPad. Is it a good idea to move up to W8? Any W8 Ceton user here that can share with me their W8 Ceton InfiniTV experience?   Thanks!
Don't need one but for $5 why not :-) Thanks OP!
OP,   Have you try MCE Standby Tool? http://slicksolutions.eu/
If just BD playback and/or watch LiveTV, 8GB is fine. 
So cool!!!
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