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Selling my Tivo Series 3 DVR unit. Stock in every way (no mods). Excellent condition and runs flawlessly. Has the lifetime service option. Includes original box, docs and all remote/cables/accessories. Will also include a brand new, never used wireless 802.11g adapter. $400 shipped CONUS
Anthem MRX-500 Receiver with ARC kit for sale. Excellent condition. The clear plastic film is still over the display. Low usage. Please see the picture. Includes all original accessories, docs, and packaging/box. Like new. As a bonus, will also include a brand new USB to serial adapter handy for the ARC kit. Unit is one year old. SOLD shipped CONUS only. Shipping will be via Fedex Ground/Home Delivery. Please PM questions. Thanks!
I'm sorry but I don't think I understand what that means. So basically there is no solution but powering off the AVR along with my TV?
Yes, it didn't make sense to me when I first read it somewhere. So was that completely incorrect? And if so, why does my receiver mute for a few seconds when I turn the TV off?
I have a Tivo S3 connected to an Anthem MRX 500 receiver which is connected to a Samsung HP-T5064 plasma TV, all via HDMI. It was my understanding that when I turn the TV off, the sound out of the receiver should mute, even if I don't turn off the receiver (or switch input). The Tivo of course can never turn off or go into standby. A funny thing happens when I turn off my TV (and nothing else). The audio out of the receiver does mute like I would expect. Then about...
Sorry I'm getting lost with some of the responses. Are we coming to some sort of consensus whether most current receivers can adequately down-mix 5.1 or 7.1 content to 3 channels?
Maybe it's a matter of perception then. For me, I tend not to focus as much on the sound quality on movies. If the impact of the bass is visceral, the dialog clear, and the imaging believable, that's about all I need to be impressed. With music, I tend to also focus on detail, tonality, soundstage, pace, and other characteristics. But again, that's just me.
Just my opinion, but I tend to disagree. Perhaps there isn't a big difference for movie audio but I don't think we can just summarily assume they offer similar sound quality for 2 channel audio. And while I agree that manufacturer supplied power ratings don't matter, actual amp power does matter.
Also interested in this comparison if anyone else wants to chime in.
Quite simply, at any given price point, a receiver has a ton more features and technology to cram in than an integrated, which more or less diverts all resources toward stereo audio quality. It would only stand to reason than an integrated at the same price should sound better for 2 channel audio.
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