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Edit: I meant to respond the short throw 30-40k Sony PJ but I must have hit the wrong button somewhere... I wonder what effect the different angles if incidence / reflection have on a pj with such short throw. The angle light at the bottom will be considerably steeper than at the top of the picture. Also, as the pj shines a pic at such a shallow angle doesn't a lot of the light end up reflected on the ceiling rather than back at the viewer? perhaps a specially designed...
I am in a similar situation as the OP. I currently still have a panny AE900, 3rd bulb, 2nd iris, and the iris is having issues again so I am finally looking to upgrade. The PJ works by appointment only so I can't even have people over because it may not work that day. I have an 102' Dalite(sp?) screen with a positive gain - not sure how much. the room is light controlled and the seating distance is about 12ft or so. The projector is mounted on a shelf which comes down from...
Greetings! A couple of data points: I just moved into a house which was completely rehabbed. I have a space under the stairs where Fios put it's box and a number of conduits (specifically put in for future wiring) and cat5 as well as coax wires converge. I have an audio collection in ITunes of 50k+ songs, 1000+ movies and I also have, on the same computer, about 500 or so DVDs which I ripped, each in their own directory. There are 3 rooms where we can watch video (all...
Unfortunately i'm late to the party, but about 18 months ago I had the same problem. I decided to bit the bullet and have the power supply replaced. I was so fortunately to bring it to a guy who got the diagnosis right the first time - not sure if that was luck or skill - but hey, my PJ works again. I moving next month and am looking for an update. I've been happy with my 900 but after I saw a full HD projector fed by a BR I need a new one..... rgds Sparrow
That's what I figured. I like them so I'll use them in a different room. Thanks for the feedback.
So where does that leave me? I can't get a 3rd vandersteen and put it on it's side..... I know, and I agree that tonal consistency across the front is hugely important. Is the best solution to get rid of the Vandersteens and get a good (front) speaker setup? Rgds Sparrow171
Greetings, I recently was given a pair of vandersteen 1C speakers and I want to see if it would make sense to find matching speakers to create a 5.1 system. I currently have an Orb setup which works fine but an upgrade, especially for front+center would be great. Any recommendations are much appreciated.
I am looking to replace my Panasonic PT900 finally and move it to a different room. The issue in the new room is that most projectors i've looked at are simply too deep for the shelf I have. Is is possible to have the projector at a 90 degree angle to the screen and use a mirror at 45 degrees to reflect the image? All input is much appreciated
Greetings, A friend of mine (really) is looking for a receiver with the following characteristics - one simple, one not so simple (I think): HDMI switching (prefably 3 or more inputs) The ability to power one set of speakers (5.1 is fine) for his surround sound and also another set of 4 speakers for the rest of his apartment. Ideally he'd be able to choose between which set is active though that is not a requirement - either the 5.1 set alone or all the speakers at the...
uhm.......I have a Panny AE900 - is an upgrade to the 3000 a night&day change or is it more incremental?
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