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Drywall is done, two layers on ceiling and the walls that are connected to the house. Front stage is set up, back riser as well. To be filled with insulation and double plywood top. Back closet is now properly cut out.
Things are moving along at a fairly rapid pace. Here are some photos of the outside taken today from front and back. Eventually all shingles will be painted a medium blue. Roof and outside walls are all done. Inside, electrical and drywall is all done. Next up is paint, floors.
I have a question. I am moving to a new space, bringing my set of Paradigm speakers with me. I have studio 100 mains, cc570 center, seismic 12 sub and 4 ADP (? Number) surrounds. My problem is the side surrounds. For one, I've never loved the dipole side surrounds and was thinking of moving to direct radiators on the sides and sticking with dipoles in the back. I read a detailed review by Sound and Vision one time saying that in blind testing most reviewers preferred...
I bought two of these, one for bar room next to theater and one for kids playroom. Good price, look nice, and sounds good from specs. Haven't installed yet so don't know about performance. http://www.homedepot.ca/product/ge-4...-center/942227
Thanks a lot for bringing this up. I hadn't thought about the menus either. Yes, a motorized lens is a major plus if you're doing zoom. Glad my PJ has one.
We all know TV prices are too low to be sustainable. But what's going to give? A maker or two drops out and the rest put up prices a bit? Won't be popular. But likely has to happen.
It's remarkable how those windows, that feel so big from inside, look almost small from the outside. Anyhow, the windows are a concession I had to make to get the premium real estate for my space. I could have gone on the third level but would have been a MUCH smaller space and way less convenient for the uses I intend.
Yes. After much discussion with builder, we decided to go with an extra wide double sliding pocket door. Heavy wood and rubberized rollers to eliminate vibration. He says he'll re-do it free of charge if it vibrates. I think I'll prefer the sliding doors to double swinging doors. Realistically, most of the time the thing will be open and just look like an archway. But will be able to close it off without wasting wall space when I want to... The opening between rooms...
Best pic so far of the outside. HT and bar room are over the garage.
Very hard to get outside pics now due to scaffolding, dumpster and vehicles. I really want to get one to post before long. Underneath this area is garage. Above is a bonus room that you access from the bedroom level. Will be a kids play/TV/music room. That's my biggest soundproofing issue. Outside is no problem, no house less than 100+ yards in any direction.
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