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Also with strategically placed holes one can make an effective bass trap out of ther riser - should search forum for info...
Quote: Originally Posted by eweiss My wife and her friend walked out of the theater during the John Goodman sequence, saying the movie was stupid. I borrowed the DVD, and thought the same thing when I watched it. But a friend at work kept pestering me to give it a second chance, which we did, and it's now one of our favorite films. So, give it another viewing. You may like what you see (and hear - we became huge Alison Krauss + Union Station fans...
I'd like to see more pics of finished works. Also curious on opinions if adding wood frames on the sides lessens the acoustic benefits significantly. I'm trying to picture how I might build a semi-solid frame that would not have too much wood around edges... Greg
And which is higher gain?
Got my samples today. Can't believe how fine the 4K material is! Is there an effective difference in gain between it and the XD?
Keep in mind that long USB runs for this thing need to be powered.
The 55 steps up to 4K and has lens memory etc, in addition to better contrast and the usual PQ differences. The 45 lacks a lot of the newfangled features for this year. Those new features may or not matter to any given person of course...
It seems to me that there's more to differentiate the lowest model in the model year compared to the models above it. I've been buying the lower level JVCs recently but this changes things re my next upgrade. The difference now seems more worth it. To each their own of course...
From http://newsroom.jvc.com/2011/09/new-...ion/#more-1962 DLA-X90R/DLA-RS65 $11,999 DLA-X70R/DLA-RS55 $7,999 DLA-RS4800 $4,995 DLA-X30/DLA-RS45 $3,499 Not seen much written about the RS4800?
Wow. This game is eating up hours of my time. And it`s not even out yet!!!
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