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If using a PC as your source 3D 1080p @ 60hz is possible.The limitation is HDMI which is why Nvidia 3D Vision uses DVI-D because of the increased bandwidth full 1080p60 can be achieved. The negative is requiring a certified 3D Vision display/projector which is a limited market.Nvidia did just add HDMI checkerboard support to there Beta 310.33 driver so 1080p60 over HDMI with Nvidia 3DTV Play is now possible. Before it required hacks to do it now it's a drop down option in...
Nvidia 3DTV Play does works with 1080p but limited to 24Hz, @ 60Hz your limited to 720p.Nvidia has had HDMI checkerboard mode on there to do list for about 2 years now. I just read it has been added to the new beta 310.33 driver so 1080p @ 60Hz is now possible but I have yet to test it on my HW30.Time to re-install Crysis 2.
No, Nvidia 3D Vision is for 3D Vision DVI compatible (certified) monitors only. For HDMI 3D Displays you need Nvidia's 3DTV Play http://www.nvidia.com/object/3dtv-play-overview.html.So you need a 3DTV Play compatible Nvidia video card, purchase the 3DTV play licence from Nvida for $40 and a compatible 3D display supported by the drivers or it won't sync up. I can confirm the HW30 is supported and works but the HW50 is not listed on Nvida's support page...yet. Anyone that...
Winner, Winner chicken dinner.
Seymour AV Center Stage XD 1.2 gain
RS10 original lamp, short throw, 100" screen I made it to just over 4200 hours! on the lamp before blowing. lol No I'm not trolling 4200 hours!!! Serious Ya...the picture was pretty dim after going over 3K but then the curiosity of how long can this thing last takes over. lol
Phoenix, Arizona. I have a pair of 5400's powered by two iNuke NU3000's
No, the IMAX footage has been cropped to 2.35 http://doubleosection.blogspot.com/2...s-mission.html I don't have a problem with them releasing an all 2:35 version but at least give me the option to own the switching aspect ratio IMAX version.
Is that 4 cubes before driver displacement and bracing or after?
I have an inuke 3000 powering an LMS Ultra 18" bridged @ 4 ohms. If 5 o'clock is max gain I'm at about 4 o'clock. 9 o'clock wouldn't begin to start pushing the LMS-U. Don't be afraid to turn up the gain, I started at 20% gain and worked my way up increasing the gain 10% at a time. If your bridging the inuke make sure you have the speakon connector wired for bridging. Positive +1, Negative to +2
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