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Check out this thread if you want DIY: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1062844/free-home-theater-signs-for-you-to-print
I just added a 50MHz low pass FMOD filter inline between my receiver and the BKA-300. Wow! This makes a huge difference. By cutting out higher end frequency, the Butt Kicker seems to be responding only to LFE and gives a more natural boost to the movie experience. I have seen other people combining filters to achieve a steeper roll-off, but this single filter seems to do the trick.
Tal, Thanks for your great program! A couple of issues: 1) when trying to add trailers, the program recognizes .mov files but does not recognize .wmv files (yes, I used the dropdown menu) 2)when I choose the option "Close mpm show at the end of show" , the program shows the desk top for a second or two between the last trailer and the launch of my player. However, when I choose the "Leave mpm show open" option, the program freezes on the "feature" slide and does not...
I'm in!
I got the transducers and amp (as well as my chairs and popcorn maker!) from Roman at Ultimate Home Entertainment rtheaters.com Easy to deal with, great prices.
That sounds like a ground-loop issue. There's lots of info on this forum discussing this. An easy test would be to use a two-prong "cheater" and see if this resolves your issue. The things you tried do not exclude this common and somewhat idiosyncratic problem.
I've got 4 Buttkicker Advance units powered by the BKA-300 amp giving them each 75watts. The transducers REALLY shake the chairs with that power. I've got the amp turned down to about 60% so there's plenty of room at the high end to toss me out the chair if I wanted. My impression is that turning up the amp not only increases the intensity of the shaking but also increases the sensitivity of the transducer to non-shake-worthy sounds (ie low toned music) not just LFE...
I've got 4 Berkline 13175 seats in my theater. I'm using an Elemental Designs A5s-300 subwoofer. I wanted to guild the lily and add transducers to my seats. Because of the smaller form factor of 13175s, I decided to go with the Buttkicker Mini in each of the seats. I originally ordered the BKA-300 amplifier from Guitammer. After waiting for about 4 months of the backorder, I purchased a Behringer 1200EPQ 1200watt amp and a Behringer PP400 preamp. I mounted the Mini's...
I have discovered that my HDHR is incredibly sensitive to too little or too much signal. Whereas my cable boxes will function without a hiccup within a band of 0dB to 20dB of signal, the HDHR will pixelate like crazy if the signal dips below 8dB. If I boost the signal too much with an amplifier to greater than 15dB, I get the "channel unavailable" message.
I've been running my 4000 for a year and have not had any problem with the memory. I have it set on automatic for shifting between 16:9 and Cinescope and it snaps to both without any focus or frame size problems.
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