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Way to start the show. Folks without even seeing a curved screen cursing it and the first review says it's a plus. The part about the curve improving the viewing angle was a hit with me. The review hardly had a discouraging word to say. I'm leaning heavily toward the 65HU9000 here in the states. The extra features do make a difference.
Here's the manual for the 658550: http://downloadcenter.samsung.com/content/UM/201403/20140314123912934/[ENG-US]NUATSCH-0311.pdf
HDGuru March 20th, 2014 Samsung Announces its 2014 HDTV and 4K Model Line with Surprises http://hdguru.com/samsung-announces-its-2014-hdtv-and-4k-model-line-with-surprises/ Samsung rolled out its high-end 2014 HDTV and 4K TVs to the press today, adding a previously unannounced 4K model series. In addition, Samsung revealed the first 4K content it will offer within its new UHD media player. The details appear after the break. We covered the new HU9000, HU8550, H8000...
I've never seen the curved screen in person so I'll check one out before I pass. The word is the curve is slight. I am leaning toward the 75 8550 though. I want a larger screen for sure. From Samsung:65” Class (64.5” Diag.) UHD HU8550 Series TVUN65HU8550FSize 65" 55"•Samsung Smart HU8550 UHD TV Provides Outstanding 4K Picture Quality•UHD Upscaling Technology Delivers Incredibly Lifelike 4K Picture Quality•Never Get Left Behind with Samsung Evolutionary TV•Discover New...
And the price is right. Sony's 70" UHD set has "frame dimming" and listed at $5999.99. Frame Dimming is the equivalent of an edge-lit local dimming, but with even less zones. Instead of changing the light for a specific region of the screen, it is the whole frame of the screen that changes intensity.They need to drop that price by 3,000 as it is as bare bones as a 4k set can get.
Quad core+ and DTS Premium also for the 9000.
Where are the release dates posted? If the curb is not that bad and the different features are worth it I may get the 65" 9000 instead of the 75" 8550. It looks like the One Connect box comes with the 9000 series also and not so with 8550.
From CNET: http://reviews.cnet.com/flat-panel-tvs/samsung-un60hu8500/4505-6482_7-35833867.htmlAmong the two 4K/UHD resolution LED LCD TVs we reviewed in 2013, the Samsung UNF9000 series was our favorite. The UNHU8500 is its closest match in the company's 2014 lineup.It's available in a massive range of five sizes: 75, 65, 60, 55, and 50 inches. It arrives this April, and pricing has not been announced.Among exotic sets like the curved HU9000 and exorbitant S9, the HU8500...
I'm interested in the 75" 8550 but it looks to be an entry 4k set with size as it's calling card. For the price listed they should have thrown in one or more up scaled features from the 9000 series.
Since we're offering advice, I think your center channel speaker would benefit from being a shelf higher. You would get clearer dialogue.
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