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Announced on Facebook a few hours ago: OK...it is official: The remixed version of 'The Power & The Glory' by Steven Wilson will be released worldwide in the early summer. Caroline/EMI-N.America Soulfood/ROW. It will include.. Blue ray version: Steven Wilson Mix Album with video 96/24 Stereo LPCM DTS 5.1 Master Audio Bonus Track: The Power and the Glory (single) Instrumental Versions Album with screen saver 96/24 Stereo LPCM Bonus Tracks: The Power and the Glory...
Very much looking forward to this release!
ChannelMaster makes an OTA DVR. http://www.channelmastertv.com/solution_s/12.htm
Quote: Originally Posted by In-the-sticks Has anyone seen the blu-ray of When Harry Met Sally? If so, how good is the transfer? Thanks! Sticks I watched parts of WHMS and I was very impressed with the picture quality.
It worked just fine for me yesterday, and the show did record, but I cannot get it to work today.
Awesome! Thanks for the link. I just set a recording up from work. I'll see if it worked when I get home.
I have similar problems occasionally with Cox. I subscribe to the Sports & Info tier and I could not tune into NHL Network HD most of the day on Sunday. It displayed a message that this channel was temporarily unavailable.
My 8300HD box (with new Passport firmware) locked up on me for the very first time. I was recording the Coyotes game and I selected it to watch from beginning, and the screen went gray with the timeline bar and it froze. It was unresponsive to any button press on remote and the box. I held the power button on the box for 5 seconds and it rebooted. After a couple of minutes it was back on, and the remainder of the game started recording (showed as 2 entries in the...
Yes, I also miss using the arrow keys like that. I did find that it you press INFO twice, you can then use the arrow keys like you describe.
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