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I currently have my 55" Samsung attached to my HTPC via HDMI out on my video card (Nvidia GT 430). Should I instead get a DVI -> HDMI cable to improve the picture quality? It sounds as though HDMI out is 4:2:2 while DVI->HDMI is 4:4:4 although I am still trying to figure out what all that means. Thanks!
so how will LCOS compare to OLED? Also it seems they announced the price of the ST1080 at $799 most likely after seeing the HMZ-T1 sales/demand. I was hoping it would be under $500. SOURCE: http://roadtovr.wordpress.com/2011/1...ing-announced/
It sounds like this device has so far been a success, with an extreme backlog of orders to fulfill for Sony and tons of relatively positive reviews. The demand is there, the passion is there, and I really do feel that Sony will roll out a new HMD version within the next 18 months that will work out all the kinks and be superior to this version. Although I suppose people thought that about the PS3, when in fact the later editions were inferior.
So is Sony still on schedule with shipping these out within the next week or so? Also, is there any way that I can found out if there are any local places I can go to try this HMD out?
I am really excited about this product but am afraid Sony will fail at marketing it and will result in an utter failure. I also still can not imagine how this thing looks. I've read all the pages, with their intense descriptions, and I am so anxious to actually put one on and to see it for myself.
Will it be good for humanity though?
I am pretty excited about this product! Here are my only concerns as brought up by a few others. 1. Ability to hook up to external audio surround system. or at the very least, the ability to add a powered subwoofer. 2. Ability to split the HDMI signal and display it on the glasses in addition to the TV (any ideas on how to do that)? That way I can play video games and friends can watch. 3. Ability to split an HDMI signal into two (or more) of these Sony...
Can someone point me to where I can find the best settings/configuration for the following? Perhaps make a sticky that has the Optimum for each? Standard Definition Blu-Ray PS3 Gaming Computer via HDMI Also, whenever I plug a laptop into the tv via HDMI, the screen seems to be cut off on all the sides. I have checked to ensure it isn't "zoomed" and I have it set to 1280x720. Is there something else that needs to be tweaked to ensure it all fits on the...
Well, here I am. After doing a quick search I am brought here to good ole AVSforums! So I bought Resistance 2, it required me to download the latest firmware update and an update for Resistance 2. I play it for about an hour and suddenly the screen locks up and everything goes black. The PS3 shuts off and it beeps and goes to a flashing RED light. When I try to turn it back on it very quickly goes from green to yellow to a flashing red and beeps 3 times. I am not...
Well, I just found this thread after searching for a similar issue. My TV is about 2 years old and it just suddenly developed this problem this week. It is two thin vertical lines, one down the middle and the other closer to the right side. They are about 1/4" each and are extremely noticeable. I guess I will give sharp a call and see what they say. Ridiculous that I paid close to $1600 for this TV when it came out and it doesn't even last a few years. I...
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