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Just to let you know with that method, you will not get any menu's. It will only play the main title.
Use libmmbd (MakeMKV) to play Blu rays on Windows with XBMC
Is this Eli's wife?
Shannon Sharpe on Seattle's defense. Couldn't agree more.
Responding to the highlighted part, I totally agree.Keep politics away from sports.BTW, about Costas left eye, that of course was tongue in cheek.
Hope Costas goes blind in his left eye. Again way too much politics...turned off.
Not that it matters, but Seattle has one player with Super Bowl experience... Ricardo Lockette.
1. Harbaugh didn't let Kaepernick Run? He had 130 yards rushing out of a total 161 yards rushing. Where was Gore?2. Look at the stats. Wilson way outplayed Kaepernick. 4'th and seven and get a TD pass. And zero Ints? Versus Kaepernicks 2 Ints? Yea YMMV.3. I Agree... which says a lot about the mediocre Niner offense.4. Very smart football.
Kaepernick lost the game for the Niners.After that fumble, in the fourth quarter ,wihich I agree Bowman should've recovered, Seattle gave the Niners the ball back on a Lynch fumble. That gave Kaepernick a first and ten on there own 15...versus a first and ten on there own 1. That was with 8:43 left in the game. What did Kaepernick do on that that drive? threw an interception. BTW the Niners where only down by 3 points at that time. In other words there was enough time...
What about the below Non-Call:Even the Football Zebras agrees with me.Oh BTW, that Fumble by recovery Bowman that was overturned was actually a blessing in disguise for the Niners. Why? Because the very next play gave the Niners a lot better field position on the fumble by Lynch. Also There was about 9 Minutes left in the game when that happened, more than enough time to control your destiny.Also another quote from the FootballZebras link above:IMO, the Niners players can...
New Posts  All Forums: