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I recently moved to a house w/ attic access & want to convert my wall mount elite into the attic. I can easliy mount it in the attic, I just need ideas on how to keep it flush at the ceiling in the room. All I have to work w/ is the black bar @ the bottom of the screen & it's bent due to a fall. Can that be taken or cut off & replaced w/ something slimmer or perhaps attaching something flat & white(drywall) to the bottome of it? Anyone ideas? Thanks
I just bought a 12" actuator & 12v adaptor for my projector. It works via rocker switch, but I am wanting a remote for it. I am clueless w/ any electronics/relay talk. What do I need to buy in order to use a remote w/ the actuator?
I tried again last night on the zone 2 & nothing. Anyone know a trick to this? I read somewhere that I need to be on 5.1, not 6.1 or 7.1. I changed the settings to what I thought was surround 5.1, but still noihing. If I want to hook up 4 more speakers, can I use an external amp?
That is what I thought, but I tried it & it didn't work. I'll try it again. It's in a closet & hard to get to. I'll take it out & try it again. Thanks
I recently hooked up my stereo in my new home & now want to add more speakers. I have a Yamaha RX-V650(several years old) & a center, R, L, Surrounds, & sub hooked up. I want to add a couple more speakers in the kitchen & someday outdoors. I would like to be able to turn them on only when cooking or w/ guests. What is the best way to do this? Zone 2, Speaker B, another receiver(I have a HTIB), amp, preamp? I am somewhat new to all this. I tried hooking to Zone 2, but...
I hate silver. Black & thin is what I am looking for. I won't buy a silver bevel. Does anyone have a list of thin black bevel lcd/plasams @ 40-46". One w/o speakers or that has speakers that can be removed. What is my best option for SD D*TV?
My wife made the comment the other day that our 34" CRT Sony HD took up too much space & a wall hung TV would be nice. Well I am taking this & running w/ it. I couldn't get out of the door fast enough to go look @ BB & CC for plasmas, again. I watch all SD via D*TV & DVDs. I can't fork over the $ for HD for only a few channels. We'll be about 10' away. I really like the slim black bezels w/ no speakers, which is basically what the commercial kinds look like. I...
I just bought the 50" last night & love it. I still have the factory settings. Is there a way to tweek them to make them better? I read about some dvds (avia or dve). Where can I buy one of these dvd's? I currently have it running w/ my dtv dvr via s-video. Will a better(HD) dvr w/ component or dvi give a better picture? I don't have HD as there are not enough channels to justify the monthly payment. Also, what is a good dvd to go w/ this tv?
Is is possible to improve the pq of an EDTV 20" Samsung LCD? It is currently running it thru s-video on satellite & the pq is very good, but I was wondering if it can be better thru a scaler or any other method. I run componnet video on the dvd, but is there anyway to upconvert cable to component pq? Same question applies for my 34" HD Sony rptv. How can I get the best pq w/o an HD reciever.
I am looking to get my 1st pj to put in my bonus room, which is 20'x20' w/ vaulted ceilings. The room has some ambient light w/ 2 windows & a ceiling fan light. Will be watching mostly movies, some TV, & Xbox. All I have in the way of HT is an old dolby Onkyo revcr, Infinti speaker, Kenwood sub, non progressive scan dvd, & old hi-fi VCR.(all work fine) Non have S-video or composite or any extra hook ups. If you had $8,000, what would you buy? Will be doing DIY...
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