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Halle's still looking good !!
It got better. I almost turned it off also.
Thanks. I'll check the HDMI CEC setting tonite. What's weird is last night it shut down properly. I've had the player 9 months, and this problem just popped up a few days ago.
Yes, it's the latest firmware.
Thanks. I already did that the last 2 nights, but when I use it again, it just does the same thing.
I have a problem with my BD230. When I try to power it off, it gets stuck on "BYE" and will not power off. Also, no other functions will work. Any ideas? Anyone else having this problem? Thanks.
Especially when I look into one !!
You should have demanded a refund !!
Led Zeppelin
The hair is disgusting. Nothing a bag over the head won't fix though.
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