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Place me into the drawing please. Thanks! :-)
Thanks to all that helped me and answered my questions (GSB, AlanP and Lost Dog) One of many reasons I have always loved this forum!!! The antenna works awesome and I think I shelled out $10-$12 and only because I was lazy and went to Ratshack and HomeDepot for parts. I fuse welded the 6awg pieces to ease the connection and ensure a solid connectivity. I found using a torch to heat the wires before applying solder greatly improved the solder adhering to the pieces...
I did print up the plans from your post GSB. Thanks for clarifying on the rest! If I welded the joints together there should be no adverse affects correct?
One last question (noobs always have those ;-) ) The plans do not show the lines crossed and insulated like the pictures AlanP shared. Is that simply a result of 4 bow tie sections? I am also assuming the transformer connects to both middle sections. Thanks.
Thanks AlanP. The PDF did not state to use a board or otherwise to stand off the bowties. Now I get it and it makes a lot more sense. Thanks!
Do you have a photo of the bowtie antenna? The wires themselves seem easy enough, but I am not 100% on how you attach the styrofoam. Thanks, Budd
Hey Guys, I am thinking of getting an antenna and dropping verizon finally. I am looking at Antennas Direct - ClearStream 2 or the much cheaper Winegard HD-1080. I live in Hillsboro and I am in a 3 story Townhouse. I plan on installing in the attic or on the third floor. I am most interested in ABC, NBC, CBS, etc. Any suggestions? I tried to make it through the 265 pages, but I do have a job to do ;-) Thanks for any input! -Budd
Just a quick ding to pull this up to the top to see if anyone has experience with this.
I am thinking of buying a Lacie multimedia drive to act as a media server. Big question for me is if anyone knows if you can control it with an iPod touch or iPhone? Specifically for music-I was thinking maybe the plugplayer app might work, but was curious if anyone else has tried it yet.
Yet another thanks here as well. I was impressed with the overall presentation. Enjoyed the stories and insight. I didn't realize HD-DVD was region free and that is a definite plus. You can always find a player region free these days but maybe not the one you wanted ;-) So it is nice to hear at least one of the formats got rid of that. A big thanks to Chelsea too for hosting the event. Budd
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