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Could you explain in more detail how you send DD 5.1 audio out two HDMI ports simultaneously? What video card do you use?
I'm trying to drive two TVs connected to a Sapphire 5670 - one via HDMI and one via the DVI port with the special ATI DVI-HDMI adapter that carries audio and video. I get audio out of either port as long as it is selected as the primary display but cannot get audio out both ports at the same time. My question is if the 5670 is capable of sending out DD5.1 audio on both ports simultaneously whether they are the primary or secondary display. I am using the Catalyst 10.6...
Using external players is possible with MediaBrowser. See the MB wiki entry here for details:http://www.mediabrowser.tv/wiki/inde...ternal_Players But, this functionality is broken (bug) in the current version of MB i.e 2.1.1. It will be fixed in the next version due sometime this month.
Use MetaBrowser http://themetabrowser.com/ for your movie and TV metadata. This app uses the metadata from http://www.themoviedb.org and http://thetvdb.com. Remember to turn off the "Allow Internet Based Providers" option in the config screen so that you don't have metadata conflicts. It should also speed up your title browsing.MediaBrowser doesn't have anything to do with displaying subtitles. It is player dependent. The native Media Center player doesn't do a very good...
Funny you said that ...I did this a couple of years ago knowing that hard drive space will never be enough...See my setup in my sig. below.
I requested this feature some time back on the MB forums and today in the MB Community Tracker. See my requests here:http://www.mediabrowser.tv/forum/vie...t=search#p6289http://community.mediabrowser.tv/topics/345
Since MediaBrowser uses themoviedb.com as its source for movie metadata, name your folder the same as it is at this site and MB will not have a problem downloading the correct metadata.
What's your "ImagesByName" folder path ? What did you enter in the MetaBrowser Options for Images by Name ? Are you using the most current version of MetaBrowser ? If not, use the 4.01.09 version. Delete the MetaBrowser cache in Options and Refresh the Cache. What does your "ImagesByName Location" line MediaBrowserXML.config file look like? If you download the Actor images from the links I gave you, you should see that when you extract the downloads - there are subfolders...
If your Cache is on the C: drive..do a defrag on that drive since MB pulls images and backgrounds from the Cache every time it starts (unless the Cache has been deleted or MB needs to refresh it). Sure, it wouldn't hurt to empty trash and reboot the HTPC one in a while.
Yes, Metabrowser will download Actor images if the ImagesByName folder location is specified in MBs Options. Also, make sure that Actor Images are checked in MetaBrowser when fetching metadata. See my post here for ImagesByName folder config:http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showp...postcount=1033 You can also download Actor/Network/Studio images from here and manually copy them to the ImagesByName...
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