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No problems getting in just now.
I came from a PCH A110, and I used YAMJ as well. Finally decided to go to an HTPC because the PCH was just too finicky - random freezes, difficulty adding multiple shares, etc. I looked at newer versions of the PCH, but apparently they are finicky too. Anyway, very happy with the flexibility and reliability of my HTPC. I would suggest looking at Assassin's guide - there is a free hardware guide, and the $25 for all of the guides is well worth it.
I love the speed of Windows 8 also - I do use it with 'Pokki' so I can still have a Start button, though.
No problems here bitstreaming them through HDMI.
On the NetGear forum it was determined that each USB port will only recognize 1 USB HDD, even if a hub is used. With over 4.5 TB of media files it sounds like I'll have to use some type of NAS then?
True, although I'm curious to see why people pre-ordered or did not pre-order the NeoTV vs ordering the Dune.
I'm looking to upgrade from my PCH A110 because of issues it is having handling 3 external USB drives. Both the NeoTV 550 and Dune HD Smart D1 look good, so what advantage does one have over the other? I plan to have my external hard drives connected through a USB hub to the device. Currently I'm not using a NAS drive although that wouldn't be out of the question for the future. The media is all BD rips with TrueHD/DTS-HD audio.
Thanks for clarifying!
Will this player support multiple USB HDDs attached through a USB hub? Currently I have a Popcorn Hour A110 which doesn't like having 3 USB HDDs attached this way.
Will it support multiple USB HDD connected to a USB hub?
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