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Quote: Originally Posted by btokars We are still using C-Band at our family cabin in the mountains. Can't beat the picture or the ability to turin on and off (suspend) programming service when we are not there. Never get tired of watching wild feeds but the sad fact is that the networks are as good as gone (Denver 5 is gone from Netlink - Prime 24 still available from NPS but it's availability is probably going away within 6 months according to NPS...
Not so fast, btokars. NPS will be offering the Denver 8 package as listed below. This should be available in the next few days. Latest update: 99.9% on the Denvers. the channel listings are as follows w1-500 KRMA-PBS w1-501 KDVR-Fox w1-502 KWGN-WB w1-503 KCNC-CBS w1-504 KUSA-NBC w1-505 KMGH-ABC w1-506 KBDI-PBS w1-507 KTVD-UPN, Englewood
Since he cut his arm off, will he have to swim in circles when he spends a lot of time underwater?
I'm thinking Nimrod will find the kid again and now the kid has a suitable place to keep him.
NorCal, I'm leaning twoard your side, not there this time. I was looking for it, expecting it, knowing it was comming up, thinking how hard would it be to catch, how did someone see this the first time. See, I missed it the first time but had it on PVR. When I did not see it this time I re wound the dvr and did a frame by frame and still did not see it. This is on a 65 inch set, calabrated correctly.
If your looking for a good Bill Murry comedy movie, The Life Aquatic" is not it.
Quick question. It looked to me like Kate left the toy plane in the back seat of the car when she was making her escape from the car. Did I miss something?
I seem to miss a lot, but the plane in the dream was red and the one they found was yellow. Could there be another one?
Dirscoll, we are sorry for your loss but we are in the middle of tracking terrorists at the moment, would you please return to your duties, like Edgar did.
I voted DVE, that is what I used. I don't know it is the best.
New Posts  All Forums: