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Well goood news. Now Hub HD is tuning also.
The channels all tune except for Hub HD. I checked the Comcast receiver and it has all of the channels except Hub HD, so I am assuming that was a mistake and we are not getting it. The current bill states that the Tennis channel and Tennis HD are coming on 12/22 so I think the only HD channels that we would be missing would be the Hub, DIY, and Cooking.
In the Firestone area, my Tivo just received a message about several HD channels being added including Fox Soccer, BBC America, Hub, ESPNU, Sprout, etc. Though it will not tune them yet.
Longmont, Firestone, and Frederick area on the Comcast website states that we should be getting these channels but they are not showing up on either the Comcast box or a Tivo HD. Any one experiencing the same thing?
Try 80516 and choose suburbs. I think it gives you a choice after that for the rebuild.
I am in 80504 Firestone. I have re-run guided setup for 80516 and I get guide data, though it is the wrong channel lineup. I just re-ran guided setup for both 80501 and 80504 and am getting guide data. That is strange that the posts above are not getting guide data. When you run guided setup for 80516 you need to choose Aurora digital rebuild.
What zip are you using? I have had tickets open with both Comcast and Tivo and it seems to have been resolved. It took about a month. If your lineup is similar you can use either 80501 or 80516. There are two different lineups. Check them out on zap2it and see which one is your lineup.
Try another zip code. Either Aurora 80516 or Longmont 80501. Whichever has the same lineup. It seems that they are the only two that Tivo has been working on.
Try zip 80516 if you have the same lineup as Aurora or try zip 80501 if you have the same lineup as Longmont.I have been communicating with Tivo by phone and e-mail for a month now to get my zip fixed but it just is not happening. Those two zip codes work.
As well NBA TV HD is listed as a channel in the Longmont, Firestone, Frederick area on both zap2it and Comcast web sites but not showing up yet.
New Posts  All Forums: