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Wish I could cut the cord I may try the tivo or , god forgive me for saying this, the cable company's dvr
Selling my Moxi system if anyone is interested. Classified Posting - Click Here -Evangelo2
I have the following Moxi DVR's for sale. Moxi 3 Tuner DVR - Upgraded Hrad Drive to 1TB, Includes Remote Control ($300) Moxi 3 Tuner DVR - Upgraded Hrad Drive to 1TB, Includes Remote Control ($300) Moxi 3 Tuner DVR - Factory Hard Drive, Includes Remote Control ($250) Moxi Mate, Includes Remote Control, not original AC Adapter ($200) I may have the original boxes for some of the DVR's but not all of them. NO SUBSCRIPTION FEES! http://www.moxi.com/us/moxi_dvr.html I...
Just bit the bullet and ordered a PS Vita - Borderlands 2 bundle. I also got a nice big 64GB card. At this point I have enough free games from PS+ that his is probably worth it. It should be better than iPhone gaming on my hour train ride to and from work -Evangelo2
I wouldn't mind playing some with the AVS crew. I'm not that good but I was always a good trier
This! If they do this I will have to buy 2 maybe
I'm with you on that. Exactly why I'm waiting to see what apps come out over time before I decide to jump in. IR support for a universal remote would be ideal but it is not a deal breaker for me.-Evangelo2
I was on the verge of buying that Roku last week and then I heard of this so I am going to sit on the sideline for a while again I'll wait to see what develops for the Vudu and HBO Go app and I will wait to hear back if it does pass-through of DTS HD MA or Dolby True HD.
I so badly want to get either a Roku Streaming Stick or Amazon Fire to throw behind my kitchen tv for streaming. I think I will hold out to see if/when Amazon Fire TV will add Vudu and HBO GO. Those are the only two pieces important for me that are missing now...
You missed that sale. I bought it for 30 on ps4 earlier this week.
New Posts  All Forums: