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I've been using this remote for a couple years now with no problems, but the last couple months the remote loses connection with the RF extender regularly. We will select an activity and it will just spin and spin (the loading icon). Resyncing the remote with the extender works but only for a day or so. If I reset the remote and just select one device, like the receiver, it will work, but if I select an activity it will lose RF connection. Is this the remote or the...
From what I've read, I think it's safe to assume all the 58/50" have buzz coming from the center of the TV, where as the 63's buzz come from the left and right of the screen. Its like whatever is causing the buzzing the bigger TV needs 2 of or it gets split. Just an observation..
I installed my 63" with the Samsung ultraslim mount...no studs, all drywall using the screws in the package.
True! It's amazing how directional the buzz is on my set. You can be inches from the screen and move your head left/right and up/down and just being an inch from the buzz you can't hear it. But if you get in the line of sight of the buzz 10-15' away, you can hear it. So its a very directional buzz, so I wouldn't be surprised if there were some who thought there wasn't one.
Well these guys are going to say that it was not properly calibrated if the guy didn't do the calibration in your home where the TV is going to live, which makes sense... But heres the truth:In reality, the TV doesn't need to be broken in, its not a brand new engine, what is..is. It doesn't provide a better picture and there isn't any danger of burn in if you don't run slides.Second, these guys get REALLY caught up in the numbers. I admit, I was one of these guys also. ...
I've spoken with many company services, and only one has stood out and has tried to do whatever it took to please me, and that was Directv on multiple occasions.
I don't see how the rubber washer would work, I read about it and the person said the reason for the buzzing was something about the heat ventilation plate vibrating or something...but with my Sammy, the buzz is 100% electrical without a doubt from both sides of the screen, not mechanical vibrating. So I don't see how a washer could fix that.
Well its rated for 250lbs and the 63" is only like 80ish pounds. I hung my 63" with it using the drywall method and have no problems with it, and I don't see it having any trouble holding twice that weight.
I have the 63" and it was pretty tough to get the stand off. I took out all the screws and even some I think had nothing to do with the stand, lol, and it would not come off. Eventually me holding the tv up off the couch and my wife tugging at the stand got it to come off though.
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