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I need a ceiling mount for a 32" LED TV that tilts and rotates pretty easily without adjusting screws. I'm not sure whether to go with the two bracket design for larger TV's or the single bracket for smaller TV's. It will be mounted so the bottom of the TV is 6'8" off the ground.
I want to mount a 32" smartTV that ends up with the bottom approximately 6'8" off the ground. It will mount through a 9' dropped ceiling tile with support from the 12' hard ceiling above it. I want a mount that is pretty flexible that can tilt at least 20 degrees vertical and as much as possible to rotate but at least 180 degrees. I don't need it to telescope up or down. The key point is I want to be able to easily adjust the rotate or tilt with one or two hands with...
I want to setup 1 ceiling speaker in 6 different rooms. What kind of receiver would I use to connect them all? Currently I use an ipod aux output to a simple receiver for two rooms. What would I use if I wanted to stream Pandora?. Are there other options besides a Sonos or PC?
Fast response for a dying thread! I could bump my plan up to 5Mbps up. That's a great excuse to get the 30Mbps download for that plan too. I think that should give enough quality for my purposes. I don't expect to watch sports or any high activity shows. Mostly Food, travel, home/garden, etc...I did look into a Vulkano, but after reading reviews, they said the GUI is better and slingbox has better quality.It seems Oceanic plays a little loose with the bandwidth unlike the...
So I'm deciding to buy a slingbox 350. Has anyone tried this on Oceanic's standard internet service up to 15Mbps down/1Mbps up? I'm pretty sure this is good enough for standard def but should I bump it to 2Mbps up? I don't even know if that's enough for HD.
I think it's mostly that HD has become more prevalent and our choices pretty laid out. I myself am trying to figure out whether to buy a vulkano monsoon or slingbox to transmit HD from work to my home or mobile. I also want to find a good QAM tuner to use on a computer monitor I have for a display.
Thanks. I'm debating between the PHD-VRX too now since it would be nice to have the ability to record.
They finally released the PHD-208 which is supposed to replace the 205LE but they have both in stock. I'm looking for a OTA QAM tuner box for an older tv and that's it. Has anyone bought the 208 yet or should I just get the 205LE since it's been proven already? Also, does this mean that the PHD-VRX will keep my channel info, recording info, and/or scheduled recordings even if a channel numbers changes because I have switched digital video from my cable provider who...
I'm need to find headphones that connect directly to a modern hdtv. I have patients that will be able to watch a 32" tv mounted to the ceiling about 6-7 ft from the ground. It needs a range of about 7 ft to the tv. They don't have to be audiophile quality since they will get a lot of wear and tear and have to be replaced periodically. What are some suggestions?
Thanks. That's exactly what I was asking. I guess I'll have to go with a channelmaster. Although, what about the location that it's being streamed to? If I stream to my PC remotely, I assume I don't need a QAM tuner to watch the signal?
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